Do I need to get my property ready for tenanting?

Recent changes to legislation mean having your home insulated and correct smoke alarms fitted to abide by the new regulations as stipulated by the Residential Tenancy Act. All maintenance work needs to be up to date. Two full sets of keys issued for all locks throughout the house.

How do you deal with maintenance issues?

We will arrange for all repairs and maintenance as required, up to an amount specified by you. However in the case of urgent after-hours repairs which are required to either preserve the original condition of the property or to provide essential facilities for the tenant, we will commission repair work without prior reference to the property owner if necessary.

How do you select a tenant for a rental property?

1. Firstly work out your ideal tenant and then structure the advertising to attract this tenant.

2. The prospective tenant fills out an application to apply for your property.

3. Then we carry out reference checks and credit checks to find the tenant that best suits your property.

How much will it cost to have my property managed?

Purely Property Management was established to make having your property managed a more affordable option. I have come up with ways in which to keep more money in your pocket without compromising on service. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a no obligation chat to discuss these savings.

How often are rental inspections done?

Rental inspections are done on a 3 monthly basis with a report of how the tenants are looking after the property and also any property maintenance that may be required.

When do I receive my rent payments?

Purely Property Management pays rent to owners on a fortnightly basis with a monthly statement which is uploaded onto the owners online portal via www.purelyproperty.co.nz.

Why should you choose Purely Property Management?

Along with experience I offer you affordability and service. Both the landlord and your tenants deal with one person to make sure your rental property is looked after in the most efficient way. With the personalized service this makes sure all parties are happy and ensures your property is well looked after and keeps on long established tenants.

Will I have any control over my rental once it is with a property manager?

This is your investment so it is about working with you to taylor make a package which best suits you. Whether it is through having input or none at all this is up to you and I am here to make having your property managed as comfortable as possible.